What is High Conflict Central? by Susan Carpenter

What is High Conflict Central?

Divorce, Co-parenting, Relationship Help and a Whole Lot More!


People are wondering, what is High Conflict Central? What are they about? How can they help? We thought we'd offer a free tutorial and tell you what we are all about and list the ways we can help.

For more information, visit our website at www.highconflictcentral.com

What's included?

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Learn About What High Conflict Central has to Offer
Learn What High Conflict Central has to offer
What is High Conflict Central?
What is High Conflict?
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High Conflict Central Understands
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High Conflict Central Teaches
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High Conflict Central- Our Mission
Our Number One Goal
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Goal Number Three
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High Conflict Central - Created For Parents By Parents
For Parents By Parents
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Overcoming Internet Myths and Half-Truths
Sorting It All Out
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Overcome the Trauma of High Conflict
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Control conflict so it doesn't control you!

High Conflict Central 
offers resources and support for 
Divorced Parents 
Families in Conflict

Family conflict is what leads to divorce and it will continue unless you disrupt it.  The earlier you connect with us the more helpful we can be!

Your ex does not have to be involved in any of our programs.  Your participation is confidential.   Send an email to: connect@highconflictcentral.com  to schedule a free consult and get information about all of our services.


Can you help me if I cannot afford to pay?

We have never turned a person away.  Your initial contact with us is always a free consult.  Depending on your situation, we may be able to provide help at a greatly reduced rate.   Because your initial call is always free, tell us your situation and we will see what we can do for you.  We also sell books, offer some free e-courses and low cost webinars for those who prefer self guided learning.  Always keep in mind that we want to help families and do our best to ensure we provide the opportunity for all to learn and become empowered.

Can you refer me to professionals who understand high conflict?

Depending on what state you live in, we may be able to offer resources.  Because we are located in Minnesota, we know a little bit about many of the movers and shakers here.  As we grow our team and add coaches from around the country, we hope we will have resources in every state.  It is important to have the right professionals working on your high conflict case.  We will help in any way we can.

What do you know about high conflict

Well, we know quite a lot actually.  Like you, we have lived it.  We understand why you may react in ways that make professionals think you are the problem and because we made changes to become empowered parents for our own children.  Experience is the best teacher.  We know first hand how painful this is for you and your children.  We also know how crazy and upside down everything seems from your perspective.  We do our best to shed light on what you struggle to understand and we talk to you as parents who have walked in your shoes.  We believe this makes us highly qualified to deal with high conflict.

Do you only help divorced parents?

High conflict central knows there is a gap when it comes to support and real, quality help for divorced parents, but we also know about relationships.  Because we know about family dysfunction and that high conflict isn't simply a product of divorce, we work with a variety of individuals, couples and families to build peaceful, supportive family situations and maybe even prevent divorce in some families.

Can you work with me one on one?

Yes.  High Conflict Central has coaching services available to work with you one on one.  This can be helpful because when we create our online videos and content, we are speaking in general terms, but experiences vary depending on the court orders you may have or agreements you made with the other parent.  This is why Family Court can be so confusing to parents.