Victim in the System Basic Free E-Course by Susan Carpenter

Victim in the System Basic Free E-Course


What makes Family Court or even the Child Protection System different for a victim of domestic abuse?  Why do victims feel that no one hears them?  Why is it widely understood by experts in domestic violence that if the victim is not s the children shouldn't be considered safe with the abuser either, but none the less, abusers get parenting time and many also get custody, whether it be joint or sole custody.  Why?  Learn the issues that face Victims in the System.  Then, consider taking our paid in depth Victim in the System E-Course, Webinar or coaching to learn what you can do to change things for your children.

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Victim in the System Basic Free E-Course
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Control conflict so it doesn't control you!

High Conflict Central 
offers resources and support for 
Divorced Parents 
Families in Conflict

Family conflict is what leads to divorce and it will continue unless you disrupt it.  The earlier you connect with us the more helpful we can be!

Your ex does not have to be involved in any of our programs.  Your participation is confidential.   Send an email to:  to schedule a free consult and get information about all of our services.


Why am I billed by Life's Doors Mediation?

High Conflict U is brought to you by Life's Doors Mediation in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. 
Life's Doors Mediation offers mediation and parenting dispute resolution services in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.  for more information, visit Life's Doors Mediation's website or read our blog.
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Who Are Your Clients?

My clients are divorced parents, married couples, individuals, families, victims of domestic abuse, mothers and fathers who've lost custody of their children, adults who grew up with an alcoholic, abusive or emotionally unavailable parent and those who have an alcoholic, abusive or emotionally unavailable spouse, partner or child.

Are You a Lawyer?

No.  I am a parent who went through an 8 year family court battle with an abusive, alcoholic ex spouse.  After that experience, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and started working as a Mediator, Parenting Consultant and Divorce Coach to help others find an easier way through an unforgiving system.  I offer education and information that people do not receive from other sources.  I bring an expertise from the side of a parent consumer of family law and one who also sees family law from the side of professionals in the system.  I do my best to make it all make sense to you and alleviate the fear and anxiety that comes with life or parenting under a microscope.

What is High Conflict U?

High Conflict U is an online learning platform and a Trademark of Life's Doors Mediation.  We offer specialized help for divorced parents and a whole lot more.

Our educational programs focus on relationship skills, divorce and co-parenting, family court consumer education and more.