Free 1/2 Hour Phone Consult by Susan Carpenter

Free 1/2 Hour Phone Consult

Free Consult for New Clients!

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Control conflict so it doesn't control you!

High Conflict Central 
offers resources and support for 
Divorced Parents 
Families in Conflict

Family conflict is what leads to divorce and it will continue unless you disrupt it.  The earlier you connect with us the more helpful we can be!

Your ex does not have to be involved in any of our programs.  Your participation is confidential.   Send an email to:  to schedule a free consult and get information about all of our services.


Do I have to come to your office?

No.  Coaching can be done by phone, web meeting or face to face.  While we do find face to face coaching to be deeply beneficial, we want to serve people, no matter how far away they are.  It is always your preference to meet online, by phone or in person.  We will work with you and technology to make coaching easily accessible to all people.

Will you come to court with me?

No.  Our coaches do not attend court hearings or mediation.  We empower you to be equipped for any situation you encounter.  We cannot speak for you or fill out/submit any legal paperwork on your behalf.  However, we can refer you to different professionals that you might need.

Can I add a free consult to a paid session?

Yes.  Many people opt to have their free consult at their first coaching session so they receive and hour and a half worth of time for the cost of one hour.

How do I schedule my free consult?

Please contact us to let us to schedule your free consult.  You may contact us via one of the following methods:
Phone: 800-516-2446

Remember to include your phone number and email.  This is a free phone consult so please let us know the best number for us to call at the scheduled time.

Do you have a coaching contract or fee agreement?

Yes.  We require a signed coaching agreement form, prior to any coaching work.  The coaching agreement lets you know what coaching is and what it is not.  While coaching works best over time, there is no long term obligation or required amount of sessions.

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

Yes, you can schedule a session in the evening or on a Saturday.  We do not offer coaching on Sundays.