Discover Your Piece Life and Relationship Assessment by Susan Carpenter

Discover Your Piece Life and Relationship Assessment

Relationships are a Puzzle. Discover your piece.


You can live a life of joy and build phenomenal relationships with a partner, children, parent, friends.  No matter what the situation, you can influence the direction that relationship will go.  These days, people are becoming more and more disconnected. People seem to be losing their relationship skills.  For our young people, the issue is even more pronounced, but it doesn't have to be that way.  If your relationships are a struggle with constant bickering, conflict, communication difficulties and resentment, we can help you change things and be happy again.  Even if your relationship is good, but you do not feel that your needs are being met, we can teach you how to connect with your loved one and achieve balance so that both people can feel fulfilled and cared for.  End the days where you feel like you are giving and giving and getting nothing in return.  Discover your piece and find the way to a deeper, more satisfying life and love.

We are offering this life and relationship assessment as a way to demonstrate the way different issues can get in the way of your life and relationship success.  Complete this assessment by answering yes or no to each question.

What's included?

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Welcome to Our Free Life and Relationship Assessment
Welcome to Our Free Life and Relationship Assessment!
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Life Assessment Section
Life Assessment Questions
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Life Question #1
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Life Question #2
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Life Question #3
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Life Question #4
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Life Question #5
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Life Question #6
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Life Question #7
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Life Question #8
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Life question #9
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Life Question #10
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Life Question #11
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Life Question #12
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Life Question #13
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Life Question #14
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Relationship Assessment Questions
Relationship Assessment Questions
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Relationship Question #1
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Relationship Question #2
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Relationship Question #3
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Relationship Question #4
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Relationship Question #5
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Relationship Question #6
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Relationship Question #7
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Relationship Question #8
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Relationship Question #9
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Relationship Question #10
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Relationship Question #11
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Relationship Question #12
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Did you answer "Yes" to any questions?
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