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High Conflict Central is a resource for divorced parents and families in conflict.  For divorced parents, we can be a valuable asset to you as you navigate this confusing and complex situation.  When you understand the family court system and empower yourself to make decisions about your own family, you can save thousands of dollars on legal fees and put a stop to the nightmare of high conflict divorce.  Become a powerful parent and free yourself from a situation that does not serve you, your child or the other parent.  We are not only here to help with divorce, we help struggling families, too.  The truth is that high conflict is not found only in divorced families.  There are other family situations that create conflict and drama, too.  Resolving family conflict is important for any family.  If you'd like to know how we can help you, email us at or call 1-800-516-2446 today.


I was lost and had no direction while going through divorce with an abusive ex.  I was shocked when the custody evaluator made me look like the bad guy in all of this and recommended sole custody to the abuser!  High Conflict Central helped me see where I was going wrong.  I now have joint custody and great relationships with both of my children and it doesn't matter what their dad tries to do, he is unable to come between me and the children any longer!  I am not a perfect parent, but I am the parent my children need, today and forever.
Karina W
My ex wife acted so crazy, I truly became afraid of her.  She accused me of outrageous things.  None of it was true!  It made me so angry that I started to look like the person she was portraying me to be.  Then, she convinced people that the children were afraid of me when they weren't and she started denying my parenting time!  High Conflict Central helped me see my own role, stop blaming and start taking action for my kids.  That's all I wanted was to see my kids and not get accused of things every time I saw them.  Things are great and I no longer let my ex run the show!
Andy T
My relationships were disastrous and painful.  I thought I was a loser magnet. I wanted to find a lasting relationship, but I kept finding the wrong guys and was constantly lied to, used and abused.  Now I know why and I am learning how to have healthy relationships.  I feel so hopeful about the future.  Healthy relationships are possible!  A whole new world has opened up to me and I have a confidence like never before.  I am so happy.  No more drama!  What is more important is that I love myself again and that is the first step to having a loving relationship.
Zoey M

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