High Conflict Central Offers Divorce, Co-parenting and Relationship Education

High Conflict Central is a trademark of Life's Doors Mediation in Golden Valley, MN.  We offer Divorce and Co-parenting information, along with Relationship Education.  Our courses are not only for those embroiled in divorce battles, but to help in all relationships in your life.  All families experience conflict that interferes with the relationships that are central to feeling trusted and connected in relationship with others.  Let us help your make all of your relationships safe, strong and joyful.

Call us at 1-800-516-2446 or email instructor@highconflictcentral.com for more information on coaching and the programs we offer.

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What is High Conflict U?

People are wondering, what is High Conflict U? What are they about? How can they help? We thought we'd offer a free tutorial and tell...

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Victim in the System Basic Free E-Course

What makes Family Court or even the Child Protection System different for a victim of domestic abuse?  Why do victims feel that no one hears...

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Parenting Time expeditor vs Parenting Consultant - What's the Difference?

Family Court Professionals and the roles they perform can be confusing, not to mention scary. It is good to know as much as possible before...

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Discover Your Piece Life and Relationship Assessment

You can live a life of joy and build phenomenal relationships with a partner, children, parent, friends.  No matter what the situation, you can influence...

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